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UPDATE: January 28, 2017 – Apparently the form I’ve been using has only been sending about 60% of your emails through! I had no idea until someone mentioned in the Facebook Group they emailed me and I didn’t get it. I’ve deleted the form and you’ll have to manually email me now at I’m so sorry if any of you did not receive a reply, I am going back through everything now and it looks like it’s been a problem since October! Please contact me again if I’ve missed your message!


Hi! I am always happy to answer questions about any of my patterns or tutorials or help you if you have a problem with your order. Please keep in mind that I live in Sydney, Australia so our time zones might be opposite! You can email me using the form at the bottom of the page, or connect with me via social media:

Facebook Page
Facebook Group
<- Best resource for pattern modifications, fabric questions, pattern requests, etc. We have 2500+ members and someone has probably made/done the thing you have a question about. :)

If you receive a Paypal receipt or confirmation but NOT a receipt from me with your download link:
Hotmail, Yahoo!, and AOL email tend to spam these email receipts due to the long string of characters in the download link. Please check your spam/junk folder first, and then contact me so I can re-send your receipt and link. This isn’t a problem, you just need to let me know!

If you’ve exceeded your downloads:
You will have several tries to download and SAVE your pattern. The limit prevents sharing. I am able to reset the download limit so you can try again, but you need to contact me. Please note: When the pattern file is opened/viewed on your tablet or smart phone, these devices have limited ability to save your PDF and will instead refresh the page (even in the background) so you think you’re “downloading” it, but you’re really just continuing to access it from my server until you’ve reached your download limit. If this happens, you will need to contact me to reset it so you can try again. :)

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