Arm Candy PDF Sewing Pattern

Arm Candy PDF Sewing Pattern 26-page full-color instructions with photos and computer generated pattern pieces. Measures about 9″ wide x 8″ tall x 2.5″ deep. Three strap options included…Buy Arm Candy on Craftsy!

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  • 26-page full-color excessively detailed instructions with photos
  • 3 computer generated pattern pieces
  • Measures about 9″ wide x 8″ tall x 2.5″ deep
  • Three strap options included!
  • Recessed zipper closure
  • Patch pocket inside for phone
  • Lining is completely finished with no raw edges
  • This is a PDF Sewing Pattern. You must be able to open, save, and print a PDF file.
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When I started Date Night, I knew we would actually need two “date night” purses, one more casual and one for special occasions. I’m so glad that I decided to do them back to back because I think they are the perfect complement to each other. Arm Candy is an adorable little bag that’s not quite a wristlet and not quite a purse, but sort of in between. Taking advantage of that, I offer three different strap options – a functional top strap, sweet double straps, and my should-be-patented continuous wristlet strap. I have a theory that the fabric really decides for you.

Arm Candy features a recessed zipper to keep all of your items secure. The flirty shape is enhanced by the curvy darts (with a trick to eliminate the bulk, of course!) which also allow this bag to hold quite a bit more than your average wristlet. We are certainly talking essentials but mine easily fits my iPhone 5, my keys, Get Carded, a powder compact, a lipstick, a pack of tissues, and a travel hairbrush.

Materials Needed
Main fabric: 1/2 yard
Lining fabric: 1/2 yard
Arm Candy is Fat Quarter friendly, but you shouldn’t count on being able to squeeze the pieces from just one FQ of each main fabric and lining. I suggest stash busting FQ’s but purchasing 1/2 yards.
Woven fusible interfacing: 1 1/2 yards (Pellon SF-101)
Foam batting alternative: 18” x 58” package (By Annie’s Soft and Stable, Bosal In-R-Form)
9” or longer nylon zipper – This pattern is written using a YKK 1.25” wide, long pull purse zipper
90/14 Microtex/Sharp or Topstitch, or 100/16 Denim needles

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 2 reviews
by Ramona M. Cavanaugh on
Took my sewing up several notches

This pattern is great! It's cute! It's so perfect sized and easy to upsize for those ladies who like to carry a larger one.

It doesn't have a bunch of different wacky sized pieces to cut out and tape together, what it does have on the inside is the techniques. The techniques are illustrated beautifully so you don't have to guess what you are doing. You don't have to waste time looking for answers or consult anyone, but if you do Erin is available and always answers questions. You can even find helpful folks on IG.

Anybody can make a purse, anybody can cut out a pattern, the fabric, and sew it together but what makes or breaks your purse is how it looks at the end and not just on the internet. Erin's patterns produce purses that get "You made that?!" , "That's so professional", "How did you do that?".

The answer is always I bought Erin's patterns and I followed the clear and concise directions. A whole lot of steam iron helps too. ;-)

Before Erin's patterns I had a lot of UFO's (unfinished objects) on my desk at any one time. I had patterns from all the big companies and lots from the local artsy crowd too. I am now going back to a lot of these UFO's an incorporating the techniques and making them better.

You can quibble about the price but if you get Erin's patterns you won't be wasting time looking for answers from others or endlessly searching the drivel on youtube. Time is money. 1/2 hour trying to figure out a pattern and the price of that low quality pattern is lost.

by Michelle K on
Neat Little Bag!

I made the Arm Candy in the wristlet version. I have a two piece dressy outfit I am wearing to a wedding coming up and wanted a little purse to I bought dressier fabric and it looks great! I'm going to love having something unique to take with me!

I also made the Arm Candy in a larger "purse-sized" version by enlarging the pattern pieces. I love this size too! I made one like this for my sister for her birthday along with a Get Carded wallet, and she absolutely loved them both!

The only trouble I had with both versions is topstitching the top of the bag to finish it off. My machine has a tough time with thicker fabrics, even when I use heavier duty needles. The hardest part was going around where the side seems were. That had nothing to do with Erin's pattern writing skills, though. The pattern itself is brilliant and makes a beautiful finished piece!