Gadget Guard Sewing Pattern

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  • Finished size: A formula worksheet uses your device's measurements to create a custom fit!
  • Front zippered pocket is expandable to hold a small cable or accessories
  • Skip the front zippered pocket to make a simpler version
  • Fully customizable and allows you to choose to make a vertical or horizontal sleeve
  • Written for perfectly thin and squishy Soft and Stable, available at local quilt shops or online.
  • 18-page full color detailed instructions with photos
  • Measure your device and use the formula on the worksheet provided to find your pattern piece size with options for zipper on the long or short side
  • Designed for devices up to 1″ thick
  • Zipper opens wide to allow for a snug fit
  • Front expandable zippered pocket holds a charging cable or small accessories
  • This is a PDF Sewing Pattern. You must be able to open, save, and print a PDF file. 
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This has been near the top of my list since the beginning. My friends, family and myself have been enjoying these for years and I decided it was finally time to share the secret. The last time I started writing this pattern, I tried to make pattern pieces for each size, and then a week later new devices came out and I realized there was no way to do it without leaving someone out or constantly updating the pattern. So, I found a a way for you to use the formula that I used to create your own pattern pieces. This way it doesn’t matter if your iPad or tablet or e-reader have a case on them, or you have a less common laptop size.

This is a super clean, perfect corner zipper installation technique that you will learn and can apply to any top-zip bag or pouch. The open-wide feature allows you to get that super snug fit by allowing full clearance of the zipper. Make them in smaller sizes to hold embroidery or make a purse pack to hold all the little things that keep you from switching purses all the time. Make one for each kid to hold their crayons and toys. Make one and tell your husband that’s ALL you will carry for him in your bag. :P Box the bottom corners for a pouch will sit open wide. Skip the pocket and quilt or patchwork the cover. This is a really great, basic pattern that you will make over and over. It’s fast, especially without the pocket, and you can make them for any thin device!

Materials Required:
Fabric requirements will depend on the size of your device.

Laptops: 1 yard main fabric, 1/2 to 1 yard lining
Tablets: 1/2 to 1 yard main fabric, 1/2 yard lining
Mini tablets & e-readers: 1/2 yard main fabric, 1/2 yard lining
Woven fusible interfacing: 1/2 yard to 1 yard (Recommended: Pellon SF-101)
Batting alternative Soft & Stable: 1/2 yard – 1 yard (Available at local quilt shops and online)
2 nylon zippers each 4” longer than your device (Recommended: #4.5 long pull purse zippers)
2” of paper backed fusible web (optional)